Dulse Leaf – Health Benefits

Raw Wildcrafted Whole Dulse, is a very popular sea vegetable – with a soft chewy texture, distinctive taste, and rich red color. Dulse, scientifically known as Palmaria palmata (‘palmaria’ refers to its fan-like shape), grows wild in the cold waters of the Northwest Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Dulse Leaf Benefits

Dulse is said to have nourishing beneficial properties. It has relatively high levels of iodine, calcium, potassium, manganese & iron compared with other sea vegetables. Because of its high levels of iodine, it can improve overall thyroid gland health. Also, it has a good amount of vitamins like A, C & B12, as well as significant levels of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Dulse contains a great amount of calcium and potassium for stronger bones. It also helps to lower your blood pressure and improve your eyesight. 

How to add Dulse Leaf to your diet 

Adding dulse to your daily diet can have a number of remarkable and overall health benefits. Enjoy dulse as a snack or a colorful salad ingredient. It is tasty in your raw soups, smoothies, and also boosts the flavor of any lettuce wrap creation. 

Natural Zing’s dulse is sundried naturally at very low temperatures. The dulse retains its perfect red-brown color. Cooked dulse turns green. Grab some here.