Protect your Fruit Trees from Birds

How to Use Birdscare Tape

To deter birds from your garden, especially fruiting trees, attach Birdscare Flash Tape to your trees or garden stakes. We have found this particular tape to be highly effective against parrots and lorrikeets.

There are some poor quality products on the market, which we have tested, and found them to all lack durability and strength, as they snapped easily in windy conditions.

The only brand that we have found strong enough to stand up to the most windy conditions we have experienced over years of use is the Birdscare Flash Tape, which is made in Japan.

Ideally the tape needs to be strung loosely between two poles or garden stakes that extend over the top of the garden or trees to be protected. The tape needs to be twisted, so it flickers in a breeze to mimic fire, which deters the birds.