Pumpkin Seeds, Activated – Organic 100g

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Certified Organic
Grown in Austria.
Activated and packed in Australia.

Ingredients: certified organic Styrian pumpkin seeds, Himalayan crystal salt, filtered water.

Activated – all seeds contain protective compounds (phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors) to ensure successful germination. These are indigestible to us.
We soak the seeds in filtered water with Himalayan crystal salt, mimicking germination, thereby breaking down the indigestible compounds to simple ones that we can digest. They are then dried at a low temperature keeping the nutrients intact and preserving fats and proteins.

Pumpkin Seeds – one of the only alkaline forming seeds, excellent source of protein, rich in quality fats (omega-3s & omega-6s), high in manganese, magnesium & phosphorus, contain tryptophan, which is known as “nature’s sleeping pill”, and have been used since ancient China to treat parasitic infections of the digestive tract.

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